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Alpacas originated in South America and are bred from the wild Vicuna which is now a rare and protected species. Alpacas are in the camelid family which includes llamas and the Asian camel. These animals have played an important role in the economy of the Andean people of South America. They have been recognized for their value in transportation, religion, and clothing to name a few areas.

Alpaca Flair offers high- quality, comfortable Alpaca clothing and accessories in the latest styles and designs. Our Alpaca clothing comes from the finest Alpaca manufacturers. This type of clothing is known for being extremely warm, yet lightweight and incredibly soft. Alpaca clothing is durable, comfortable, and adaptable to every season.

The process of turning Alpaca fibers into textiles is a similar process to that of other natural fibers including cotton, silk, and sheep wool. Textile innovations, and the progression of animal breeding also make fibers more durable and wearable. This results in wonderful Alpaca products. We believe in these products, as they are environmentally friendly and renewable, all while being incredibly soft on your skin.

Our products highlight the latest fashion trends, and Alpaca’s best characteristics. You can enjoy comfort and warmth during the cold winter months. You can also depend on durability and breathability in the hot summer months. Alpaca Flair’s wool products are a must add to your wardrobe for any season.

The best part of purchasing Alpaca clothing from Alpaca Flair is that you are helping a good cause in doing so. 5% of every purchase will be donated to the Nunoa project. You can find out more about our charitable work by checking out the “Thank You For Your Purchase” tab on our website.