A mini celebration had been scheduled that evening, before we knew the results and need for the PET scan the following day, as some friends and I had planned to get together to admire a new floor one of us had recently installed.  Feeling somewhat blue, my friends did their best to keep my spirits up and, at the end of the evening, I discovered I had drunk approximately an entire bottle of wine.  Oops!

Also during the evening, my friends volunteered to help me with my Alpaca Flair Booths and encouraged me to sign up for events with the promise that they would help me regardless of how I was and if I could even attend.  WOW – I was blown away by their generosity as I knew they all lead busy lives and the last thing they want to do is spend their weekends this way.  Having their support and strength was huge in how I coped with all the bad news and kept me focused on the good stuff – friendship and family being a major part of that. It is not possible to put into words my gratitude and love of my friends and family who helped me stay strong during this mind blowing time.  It would be impossible to stay positive without their help.

The PET scan the following day was uneventful, if scary.  I was injected with a radioactive tracer which would attach to any active cancer elsewhere in my body – if it was large enough.  I then sat, alone, in a room with a tv, so I would have as little movement as possible before being taken to the treatment room.  I was helped onto a table, my wedding ring removed (no metal allowed), and then waited for the procedure to finish.  It felt like lying in a tunnel but it was open at head and feet and the tunnel part moved down the body in timed increments.  Upon finishing, I was helped up and mentioned I felt a little woozy.  The nurse was puzzled as there are no known side effects – but she didn’t know about the bottle of wine drunk the night before (oops) and I didn’t put two and two together until later.  Once I realized what was injected – radioactive glucose – I was then concerned that I had messed up the scan by filling my body with sugar the night before.  My surgeon assured me that that was not the case, but she did not recommend future consumption of wine in such quantities on a regular basis!

Thankfully, the results came back within a couple of days and no additional cancer was found – even within the breast so I was given the ok to travel as the mastectomy could wait until my return.  My oncologist prescribed Tamoxifen for the month I was away to discourage any pre cancer from deciding to grow and advised I stop taking it upon immediately upon my return so I would be ready for surgery.  My plastic surgeon would be inserting a tissue expander at the time of surgery and my date was set for a few days following my return from Europe.

More Later …..